Burning Man 2004
A few combined notes for Elsewhere, Galaxy Lounge, and Burning Silicon
Theme Camps; friends of Chris and Linda
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Family Band Radios; Channel 8, Code 31

Over the past few years, we have been using Family Band radios to contact one another. Elsewhere will be on channel 8, code 31 (remember the Santa Cruz area code.)

Family Band radios can be obtained at any Radio Shack, or Frys. They may not work well as so many people are using them these days. We should perhaps come up with an alternative frequency and code.

As a courtesy, I suggest use these radios only to locate other people. We’ve heard far to many conversations on these, and people who really need to be notified of an event, or place where their friends are can’t get thru.

Camp Names, Locations, and their associated Humans

Camp Elsewhere
location: 3:30-4:00, Jupiter to Saturn
contact: David Van Brink (Me and Linda live here too :-) )
e mail: elsewhere04@omino.com
From DVB Friday 27 Aug 20:02 pm
Hello all, on multiple redundant mailing lists!
Our team is leaving for the playa in just over forty hours.
Here's how to find us:
Camp Elsewhere: Between 3:30 and 4:00, between Jupiter and Saturn.
Look for: http://www.omino.com/~poly/lem/DVC00696.JPG
Set up somewhere near the road. It glows blue at night.
Also, many of our bicycles are painted white & gold. We have
a 15' tall tetrahedral PVC skeleton with a parachute in it.
FRS Radio: 8-31 (get it? 831.)
Lunar Module: Medium sized playa art! Also makes a good getaway
when you need a few minutes of quiet. Will be located practically
at the back fence, at 11:30.
Looks like: http://www.omino.com/~poly/lem/lem_01.jpg
and: http://www.omino.com/~poly/lem/report_20040814/
Please feel free to broadcast or email me your
anticipated locations!
Over. Over. Overoveroveroverover.

Ecstasia Villa and/or Galaxy Lounge
location: 8:30 and Mercury
contact: Mike Lord
e mail: mlord@mlord.com

Burning Silicon
location: Venus and 6:30
contact: Debi vonHuene
e mail: dvh00@yahoo.com

the onGLOMerate
Rocky Mullin
e mail caliban@sharon.net
look for the gas station on the corner, or the chairway to heaven tower out front. stop in for a drink at the bar, and of course, ask for leah and i. also leah is taking DJ sign ups.

Is there some way to identify your camp? Can we look for a specific structure? Priscilla is certainly recognizable, but I'm not sure about the other camps. Let me know.

Chris and Linda will arrive later in the week.

At this point we won't be leaving til Thursday night if we are lucky. We may have to stay here until Friday night, which would suck, but oh well. We will arrive and camp at Elsewhere. Because we are leaving late, if you realize that you forgot some critical piece of hardware, you can drop me an e mail and we'll bring it with us.

The Cubatron

This is Mark Lottor's extermely cool 3D LED display project. You can see it at http://nw.com/nw/projects/cubatron/

The Cubatron will be on display at Burning Man 2004, somewhere on the playa out in front of The Embassy campsite, around 4:44 and Esplanade.


Chasm; Logan and jD., with the Projekteers Group, has info posted at http://www.horg.com/chasm/playaside.html
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