Burning Silicon
Hi everyone,

Yup, the 'Pagoda of Infinite Reflection' burns WEDNESDAY night on the playa! BM04's 3rd biggest burn, built lovingly by the pagoda crew of Burning Silicon.

Join us at Burning Silicon camp, Venus @ 6:30, on Wednesday starting about 9pm. We'll have a processional through Center Camp (all invited!) and meet up at the Pagoda for major fire spinning before we light the structure on fire at midnight. This is a 32-foot wooden structure with a spinner on top, will be rigged with fuses, propellant and about five cords of firewood and we hope it burns all night!

If you want to visit the pagoda before the burn, it will be located at 9:00 and about halfway between the Esplanade and the Man. Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday we're inviting people to stop by, day or night, to interact with the infinite mirrors and watch the light shift through the structure.

Hope to meet you at your camps and check out your art, too!

Debi (RealGirl)

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