Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks Volume 8, Issue 38 August 24, 2004

There's no way to top that fantastic moment we shared with Marian in her JRS special post yesterday, but we do have a few things to add from here in the land of fantastic sunsets...

Before we launch into the news, one important note: we got a lot of responses yesterday that indicated that people think they can't write to us at the JRS. EEK!!! We love hearing from you!!! We once added 'don't hit reply' because replying to 'bman-announce@burningman.com' used to cause it to bounce (that's since been changed so you reply to jackrabbitspeaks) - but also because it's much better if you compose a new mail to us rather than hitting reply: you save bandwidth by not pasting the same JRS back to us, and the reply subject of 'BManUpdate' is harder to discern as a 'real' message than if you type 'POST REQUEST' or a unique message in your subject line. I say this right away out front because it broke my heart to think of all those times someone might have wanted to send us a note, but didn't. PLEASE feel free to send us your thoughts at any time! We love staying connected with you -- after all, we're participants too... :)

And my goodness, did you reply to that one. I'm seriously thinking that was one of the biggest JRS responses I've ever seen. DOZENS of messages of 'Thank you!' and 'That was beautiful!' poured in after Marian's JRS... many of them from our far flung friends who, for various reasons, won't be able to attend the event this year. We could read the frustration in your words, and we know it must be a real heartbreaker for those who so want to be here. We send those who are kept away by circumstance our dustiest, heartiest playa hugs...we will be thinking of you, too! We do remind you of one thing: just because you don't make it to BRC does NOT mean you're not at Burning Man...use your imagination, and do something 'playa' next week, no matter how small it seems. You'll be right here with us in spirit.

We have just three quick notes for you today, but they’re important ones. The Black Rock Burner Hostel needs your help…and Burning Man is featured on two radio shows tomorrow that you won’t want to miss (live on FM in the Bay Area, or catch it on the web!)

FIRST: Hageymon from the Black Rock Burner Hostel sends this call for help:


Once again, the Black Rock International Burner Hostel will have HUNDREDS of Burners-in-Need waiting for transport to the Playa, many of them from other countries, utilizing the ever-popular Rideshare Project!

If you are coming through Sparks anytime between Thursday, August 26 and 3:00 pm on Tuesday, August 31st, PLEASE swing by here if you have room for a passenger!

Many of these people DO have a role that requires Early-Entry Status!

We're at 1350 Breaker Way, in Sparks.

Heading east on 80, through Sparks, past John Ascuaga's Nugget, take the McCarran Blvd exit and turn LEFT at the base of the off-ramp.

Head north through a few lights until you hit Greenbrae Drive, then take another LEFT.

A few blocks later is Breaker Way, and LEFT again.

All passengers will be ready to go, with no shopping stops needed! Not a single SOUL was left behind in 2002 or 2003...Let's see if we can pull it off AGAIN!


Burning Man on the radio! Maid Marian and Larry Harvey left this morning to rocket run back to the Bay Area for two radio interviews: one on KFOG 104.5/97.7 in San Jose at 8:30, and the other on KQED 88.5 San Francisco/89.3 Sacramento, where they’ll be joined by Brian Doherty, author of the new book “This Is Burning Man”…and both are available for listening on the web.

To listen to KFOG show on the web go here: http://www.kfog.com/listennow.asp

To tune in for streaming audio on the web, go to http://www.kqed.org/radio/ and click 'what's on? -- listen live' on the right hand side.

KQED about Michael Krasny's Forum: http://www.kqed.org/programs/program-landing-local.jsp?progID=RD19

And THAT ought to tide you over for the next 6 days until you join us in Black Rock City! It's quite possible we'll have one more JRS before then, but if you leave before it arrives...see you at home!

Cheers, AG

{Soundtrack to this JRS: Takin' care of business on the staff radios...oh, how I have missed being on comm!}

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