Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks Volume 8, Issue 35 August 13, 2004

Unsub at the bottom...

Can I get a 'Burn-a-lujah!'? The fences and roads are taking shape around BRC, and it's beginning to look a lot like Black Rock City. And if the conversations on the regional discussion lists are any indication, y'all are really gearing up as well. To wit: the New York container that trucks loads of burner gear to the event is packing up this weekend (how'd you think they pulled off all those grand camps and art pieces?) Portland is planning a Burning Man Film Festival next weekend (more on this next issue!) And everywhere else, well, the subject lines tell the story: 'Tarp and Tent Fasteners' in Austin, 'Decom call for participation' in LA, 'I need a ride!' from darn near everywhere...you guys are as busy as we are!

What have we this week, friends? Well, the DMV has a few words from underneath their massive pile of Mutant Vehicle registrations...those of you with Will Call tickets get some instructions from the Ticket team to smooth your entry into BRC...more Leave No Trace tips from the Earth Guardians...plus, important words for those who would burn their art (yay!) or their couch, or their shade structure, or their carpeting...(boo!) A participant writes to remind us about the display of corporate logos at Burning Man, too. Plus packing lists, artery tour info, and more.

All that, plus more volunteer opportunities than you can shake a playa stick (um, we don't know what it is, either) at, and a great fundraiser in SF...if you're not excited now, you're...probably not reading this newsletter, eh?

Onward, then...21 days, yo!?

=========================================================== =====================TABLE OF CONTENTS===================== ==========================================================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS: -DMV Pre-Registration Status - Ticketing Update for Will Call Orders -Artery Tours of Black Rock City -Leave No Trace Tips #4 -Recycle Early, Recycle Often -If You Love Your Art And Set It On Fire -There's Doom In Them Thar Fumes -Your Mother - Packing Lists and Playa Recipes at Burningbeach.com -No Logo

PARTICIPATE: -Ladybee's Eleven Things to Put On Your List -Announcing the Real World Greeters -Entertainers of All Types Wanted -Perform (and Volunteer) At the Off-Planet Theaters -Cat's Cradle Call for DJs, Performers, Etc. -Visit the Temple Of Dog -Black Rock Body Art Guild Would Also Like a DJ -Saul Melman's Jadu Beta Call -BRC Bike Guild Needs a Bike Logo -Burning Chicagoans: Camp Tanabata and Whistleworks

EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS: -Blyss Abyss in SF, August 14 -Videogasm in Michigan, Friday August 13


=========================================================== ==================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS===================== ==========================================================*/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/*


The response to the DMV's new pre-registration process has been much greater than anticipated: well over 800 vehicles have applied for a license to drive at Burning Man. The diversity and creativity in many of the vehicles we have seen is amazing. The DMV volunteer team has processed the majority of these registration requests, but the volume was high enough to overwhelm our new review process. We are not finished yet, but we will be soon! We appreciate how much time and work people put into their Mutant Vehicles, and are doing everything possible to make sure that the review process both honors your effort and meets the needs of the Burning Man Event -- that the vehicles are safe, extensively modified, and bring imagination and creativity to the playa. The vehicles you see driving should be as exciting as the other artwork people bring to Black Rock City. We appreciate your patience as we complete the review process. We will respond as quickly as we possibly can.



If your tickets will be waiting for you at Will Call at the Box Office upon arrival, please get the following things ready to SPEED up your entry:

1) Confirmation receipt - goto: http://tickets.burningman.com/confirm *Print this out online with barcode. 2) Valid identification - (driver's license or passport) 3) Credit card used at time of purchase (If credit card not used, have any card in hand) *This is not required, but it will speed up getting your tickets.




This year the Artery- BRC's art headquarters in center camp - will offer two art tours daily, from Tuesday through Friday at noon and three o'clock. The tours will take about 2 hours, and will feature our well-informed and entertaining tour guides on the Empyrean Cruiser. We are trying to discourage convenience driving in Black Rock City this year, so priority will be given to those who cannot easily get out to the deep playa on their own, including people with disabilities, the elderly, and children. They will be given priority in terms of space available, but you can have just as grand a time following alongside on your bike if you don't get on. (The Cruiser has a sound system and you will be able to hear the tour guides if you're following the bus) ***We will give a special tour for children on Wednesday at noon.*** Please come to the Artery in Center Camp half an hour before the tour you want to go on departs.



What do we all do to clean Black Rock City?

-Clean As You Go and Grid Your Camp at the End! Don't wait until the end of the week to pick stuff up, CLEAN AS YOU GO. This will help you from getting overwhelmed by the mess and help keep trash from blowing out of reach. Then, when you pack up and load everything (including trash) into your vehicle, does a line sweep across your camp. Have fun with it - give everyone a Ziploc bag, line them up along one edge of camp, look down and slowly walk to the other side. Cover your entire area looking for those last bits of trash- every twist tie, cigarette butt, food scrap, carpet fiber, match, nut shell, scrap of plastic, everything.

-A Buried Stake Doesn't Disappear. Instead, its hazard is magnified. Even when pounded below the surface, a stake will slowly, inevitably, emerge from the playa. Then it might be found during the BLM's spring inspection, producing a black mark against permit renewal; or it might not be found until it tears a tire or gashes a foot- maybe during next year's event, maybe to a windsurfer or another group that, like us, uses the playa.

-Vise-grips will almost always remove a stuck stake. First, clamp on the vise-grips and rotate the stake back and forth, to break the playa's grip. Then continue rotating and also pull upwards. Still stuck? Ask a neighbor for help. As a last resort, make the stake highly visible by fastening something to it. Someone else with heftier tools will be able to get it out. Water will sometimes help.

-Devote Two Hours to General Cleanup in Black Rock City. On your ticket, you're asked to contribute two hours to community cleanup before departure. This means the streets, public spaces, and open playa where stuff may have been left behind. Stop by the Earth Guardian camp on Sunday and Monday and we'll direct you to the areas of the city that need the most attention.

-Consider joining the DPW post-event clean-up crews. Help us get it out of here, so that we can all return again. The Bureau of Land Management, the agency that writes our Special Recreation Use permit, must agree that we've left no trace. After the event and again in spring, they inspect random samples of the City. Collected debris must not exceed 1.0 square feet per acre, less than 23 parts per million! No pits, bumps, burn scars, or buried materials can be left behind.

- If we haven't left a clean and empty playa, our future is in trouble. So far we and DPW have done great. Let's continue to keep our playa beautiful! See the EG LNT pages for more: http://earthguardians.burningman.com/playa.html

See you (but not your MOOP!) out there!



A little bird tells the JRS rabbits that Recycle Camp will be open from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. from Monday to Sunday. They'll take your aluminum cans and convert them into cash for local schools - BUT please do them the favor of not waiting until Sunday at 4:30 pm to bring your cans down to Center Camp. This does you a favor too, as they stop crunching cans EXACTLY at 5, meaning you'll have to lug your cans back to your camp and then all the way back home. Bring down a load on Thursday or Friday, and then make the recycling run one of the first things you check off on Sunday - not the last! More info on Recycle Camp available at: http://www.burningman.com/participate/recycle_camp.html



So you want to light your artwork on fire, do ya? Well, where else can you do that besides Burning Man? But if you want to light it up, you need to follow our fire safety and clean-up regulations (for lack of a better word). Basically, we're trying to ensure the safety of our participants, while protecting the playa. Handled properly, a fire will burn safe and strong and elicit from our participants 'oooh's' and 'ahhh's' ... rather than the unfortunate 'uh-oh!' Handled IMproperly, a fire will leave burn scars, causing irreparable damage to the playa.

So please, before you load up your car full of extra gasoline (a no-no), please read about burn scars (http://tinyurl.com/4on9c) and creating dangerous art safely (http://tinyurl.com/4lyug).

-Playaquest (eagerly donning fire-retardant underwear)



[What a segue! -Eds.] Thinking of burning stuff at Burning Man?

-Not that camp trash or garbage, right? You are going to Pack it Out. Right? -Not burning that mangy, ratty couch or rug, now encrusted with playa dust either. Yes, you hauled it here and now have no need for it - it's headed for the landfill. Right? -Then there are those extra long pieces of lumber that were so hard to haul. You'll find room in the truck or cut them up before loading them on to the burn platform. Right?

Hey, this is BURNING Man. But don't we burn everything? - It's part of the ticket price! THINK AGAIN. Burning synthetics, camp garbage or trash, and placing oversized loads in the burn platforms, is a serious health risk and causes the nasty clean-up messes and burn scars that cost us year-round toil and grief. The community burn barrels and burn platforms are low to the ground, and produce smoke that is easily inhaled. The low temperature, incomplete combustion emits toxic gases and particulates, including: acid vapors, carcinogenic tars, heavy metals, carbon dioxide, dioxins (almost anything treated, dyed, or painted), and more. These pollutants can irritate eyes, lungs, and our heart tissue. See the Burning Man Web site for more information: http://tinyurl.com/729rr

Health effects can be much worse if you're a kid or someone with a medical condition. So burning anything but CLEAN UNTREATED WOOD and PAPER is a really bad idea. It's also a violation of our BLM use permit to burn synthetics or anything toxic or create burn scars. See the information on the BLM site at http://tinyurl.com/34q2l and http://tinyurl.com/52wlc .

We face serious fines and penalties for violations of our use permit and could be denied future permits for our event. Participants who violate the stipulations could also be cited. There are plenty of alternatives if we Plan Ahead:

Reduce and Reuse: http://earthguardians.burningman.com/tips.html Don't create extra ash or baked playa: http://tinyurl.com/435df

Remember that fire is for beauty and warmth, not a dump for burning trash or garbage.

Each of us can play a part in protecting the health of our community and the incredible beauty of the playa. We can educate other participants and our neighbors about safe ways to burn at Burning Man. And if we see some clueless or reckless citizen trying to burn something that's toxic or way too big, we should try to stop them. Join the Toxic Avengers! If you want to volunteer to help educate our citizens about responsible ways to burn, email toxicavengers@burningman.com, and please come by the Earth Guardians Pavilion at Orion's Belt and Esplanade during the event and sign up for our daily crusades or weekend citizen patrols. We'll be having a meeting on Friday at 11:30 AM to train new volunteers.



Need an easy way to remember the order of the planets, to keep the order of this year's streets straight in your addled mind?

Tacking on an S ('The Last S is for Sedna') to the standard 2nd grade reminder, we suggest 'My Very Educated Mother Just Sent Us Nine Pizzas, Silly.'



Wondering what to eat on the playa when you run out of Pop Tarts and fruit rolls? Fretting that you might forget to pack that one thing that could spell the difference between having a transformative experience or spending a week sweating profusely under a burning sun? Fear not, the Santa Cruz regional coordinators at Burning Beach have compiled a page of the best packing lists and pulled together a 50-page PDF cookbook of playa-tested, burner approved recipes (as well as five pages of playa drinks). You can check them all out at http://www.burningbeach.com . Eating and drinking: http://www.burningbeach.com/BMrecipes/index.html

Packing: http://www.burningbeach.com/packng/index.html



Rabbit says: For those who don't know the reason for this, we've found that even the presence of commercial logos starts to feel like a pressure of commerce after a while - so we ask participants not to display corporate logos at the event. It's amazing how much of a difference it makes in your attitude towards the world if nobody tries to sell you something for a whole week - and displaying a logo is a form of selling - so please cover 'em up!

Note from Amani of Seattle's Arson Island Resort: 'I know you're super busy this time of year, helping the thousands of us get ready for our annual pilgrimage to Black Rock City. I have a concern, though, and think that the JRS would be a good forum to send a reminder to our participants- LOGOS are not welcome on playa. Any logos. From the camelbak backpack, to the Abercrombie t shirt, and most especially the RV/Truck rental folks. Remember a few years ago, when this was stressed to the participants, and the most creative tape-overs occured? Changing the name of the RV company, altering the logo on the rented truck to say something far cuter or dirtier than its original logo? My favorite was at the Greeter station, a guy came in, having hijacked his company Hummer. Over the logo, he took medical tape and wrote EAT ME. I asked if his company knew he had the Hummer, and his response was 'I suppose they do by now'. And then he let me drive it! Anyhoo, my point is that many in our community are noticing that folks aren't going to the trouble to de-advertise Burning Man anymore, and we'd like to see that point made again. Could you help us out, oh rabbit of wisdom?'



=========================================================== ========================PARTICIPATE!======================= ==========================================================*/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/*


This is an annual list of theme art projects that I can't wait to see. There are far too many interesting projects to mention, so here's 11 for starters. See the rest here: http://tinyurl.com/34ame

Bok Globule by Leo Villareal and Carter Emmart aka Barbie, NYC - A dome with Barbie's fisheye projections of the entire universe from the American Museum of Natural History in New York - plus Leo's light installation from P.S. 1 on the outside and his gravity chairs inside. This is the place to hang out at night. Love these Disorient people. On the walkway from the man to the old temple spot, left side. http://tinyurl.com/4ve6h

Seven Sisters by the Flaming Lotus Girls - as usual you can play with lots of fire here at 8:00 and Esplanade. Girl Power!!! http://tinyurl.com/6gg7r

Jadu Beta by Saul Melman, Brooklyn - 450' long walk-in inflatable sculpture, 1:30 deep space http://tinyurl.com/426n5

Wheel of the Sacred Earth Year by Kasia Wojnarski, Portland . This is Kasia's big year - she brought us the walk-through fire tunnel of years past and is doing multiple fire installations at 6:30 esplanade. http://tinyurl.com/6v2mb

Everything inside and outside the Observatory - ten installations inside http://tinyurl.com/34ame and crazy interactive off-planet theater outside in the dioramas, managed by our own Ggreg Taylor. http://tinyurl.com/5v8ee In the Vault of Heaven everybody's a star!!

White Noise by Emily Trutt, LA - 10:45 deep playa, left side, white on white on white on white..... EERIE. http://tinyurl.com/4d6d4

Cosmic Dance by Daniel Dunkle - A 40' diameter Foucault's pendulum will live in the Keyhole. Watch the pegs tumble. http://tinyurl.com/7yoy7

Observer, Observed by Kate Raudenbush, New York - a walk-in mirrored cube by day, a peepshow by night. 1:00 deep space http://tinyurl.com/66u9l

Deeper by Peter Hudson - remember the swimmers zoetrope? Peter's back with a figure that appears to dive out of the sky and into the playa - I should say, with an endless stream of divers. Off the walkway to the man, right side. http://tinyurl.com/3pmca

Alien Semaphore by Hedley -- you can control the look and feel of 12 big white light sculptures here at 10:45 deep space. http://tinyurl.com/6e7xd

Temple of Stars by David Best - it really is 1/4 mile long, I can say no more. http://tinyurl.com/442ge

Christine Kristen aka LadyBee Art Curator, Burning Man



Announcing the 'Real World Greeters' Project! Everyone on the playa knows that participation and 'no spectators' are moral imperatives - yet many of us don't participate in our real-world communities. That's where the Real World Greeters come in. The Real World Greeters will work at the end of Burning Man to welcome people back to the 'real world' and remind people of the many ways they can participate year-round. You'll see us during Exodus as you leave, either on the gate road or in the city. If YOU'D like to become a Real World Greeter - to help register people to vote, teach people how to register others to vote, and gently remind everyone about participation and 'no spectators' in the real world (community service, politics, activism, and self-organization...) please join us at http://www.realworldgreeters.org!

Thanks!!!!!! JX Bell Real World Greeters



THE STARLUST LOUNGE,previously your neighborhood Center Camp Alien Bar for many years, has now crash landed in the Plaza @ 9:00! This year we have been sent thru the galaxy to become the' Portal to Heaven'. Everyone Must come thru us in order to get into Heaven (or Hell) one way or another! In order to accomplish this massive task,we have expanded our stage and sound system,and our VIP lounges,built disco cages,and our friendly alien staff is always there to serve you. We are searching for entertainers of all types to help us ! We are looking for musicians of any and all types , bands, choirs, d.j.'s (with equipment), jugglers, magicians, strippers, burlesque performers, comedians, belly dancers, disco dancers, all dancers, air guitarists, myth or fable or testimonial or sooth sayers, catholic school girl cheerleaders, bachelorette receptions, etc etc etc or spin the 'wheel of destiny'. As always,we are Open Everynight of the week,starting with Locals Night on Monday, from Dusk until Dawn (or until the lastbartender can't stand up anymore).Check out our listings of Nightly Theme Nights on the Playa Calendar. And check out our website at http://www.starlustlounge.com. You can email us with info,or just show up,enjoy some 'holi water',and entertain or get entertained!

As always, ..The StarlustLounge is a KID FREE ZONE and a NO DRUM CIRCLE ZONE..



Attention performers, participants, and exhibitionists, come share your talents at the Observatory's Off-Planet Theaters. The theaters are located under the dome of The Man, and will be operating Monday through Friday, 8:00pm to 3:00am.

View the dioramas here: http://tinyurl.com/5v8ee and if you want to manage any of the as yet unclaimed stages, choose from # 2, 6 or 9 and then send your ideas to off-planet(AT)burningman(DOT)com. Ten theaters operating seven hours a day for five days means 350 hours of performance time. That's a LOT of time for amateur butoh (thank goodness) and other interesting otherworldly acts.

Most stages have specific themes and rules of interaction with stage managers who will help participants step into their world. Feel free to contact the stage managers directly if you want to help/perform in their diorama. You'll see their email addresses listed with each diorama on the previously mentioned web page. Those stages are predominantly UNSCHEDULED and IMPROVISATIONAL. Black Rock City citizens are encouraged to come to the Observatory and seek out someone from the Cosmotology Team to help them get Off-Planet and On Stage.

Some performance times, however, can be scheduled beforehand. Chief Cosmotologist Nambla the Clown is willing to pre-schedule a limited amount of performances in advance. If you are interested in arranging a pre-scheduled performance that you can publicize, please contact namblatheclown(AT)Ggreg(DOT)com.

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED AS WELL. Come be a Cosmotologist at the Observatory. Volunteers are needed to help run the theaters. Shifts are 8:00pm to Midnight or 11:00pm to 3:00am Monday through Friday. Contact Nambla the Clown if you'd like to help out.



Cat's Cradle is a major art and sound installation located at 2:oo and Earth in our fair city. Amidst a blacklit world of glowing patterns in lines, angles, tension and equilibrium, we will showcase the best in Hard Beats for BRC residents. And we are going to need your help! Cat?s Cradle is currently seeking DJs, Live Musicians and Performance Artists, to participate in our theme camp at Burning Man this year. Our focus will be on hard electronic dance music, featuring mainly Hard House, Hard Techno and Hard Trance, but also some Psytrance, and Hard Progressive ? during our peak hours of 12-4am. But we will also embrace diversity during the sundown-midnight hours, and we welcome live acts, and DJs playing breaks, house and other genres. Tell us your vision, and we?ll do our best to host you! We also relish in the random sweaty dusty DJs who show up at our place on the playa, towing records, so get in touch now, or visit us on the playa!

For Performance Artists, we?ll have 2 blacklit platforms set up for performance. We would love for BRC citizens to stop by for spontaneous performance any time the music?s on. And even better would be to schedule you for one of our special events, like the Thursday night Animal Party, where all BRC?s critters will unite in dance!

We welcome any participants who want to get involved in others way too. Just get in touch. See you all soon on the playa!

Contact FatFinger & La NiŅa del Mar at: catscradle@burn-productions.com

http://www.projectalma.org )'(



Hello! Last year many people visited the temple of dog and brought pictures, ashes, and journal pages etc to enshrine their canine friends. but many people said they didn't know about it, so i just wanted to let folks know about bm2004's

Dog Star by Talia Botone

Intergalactic Love Jones is your cosmic fortune telling dog. The surrounding structure is a SIRIUS place where one can place pictures of dogs past or current for cosmic exemplar mentorship.

Contact: taliabotone (at) earthlink (dot) net

see you on the playa!



The Black Rock City Body Art Guild is looking for a DJ and sound Thursday night for their already-scheduled Black Light party...please reply to kerryofpicasso@aol.com .



Dear Burning Man Community,

This year the Burning Man Organization has graciously granted me the opportunity to exhibit a type of large scale sculpture never before attempted at the festival. The title of the installation is Jadu Beta; it will be located in Deep Space. The sculpture's form is based on fractal mathematics and cellular biology. (See http://tinyurl.com/426n5 ) What is unique about this project is that it is comprised of hundreds of hermetically, hand sealed inflated sub-units or 'pods' which are then intricately assembled into a enormous architectural entity complete with an elaborate digitalized surround sound installation to be orchestrated during the festival.

The pods have been designed to weather the tempestuous conditions of the playa and a gentle degree of human interactivity and thus appear very durable. However, the pods are easily punctured by sharp objects such as zippers or belt buckles. Most importantly, the infrastructure of the sculpture which maintains the sculpture's shape makes it appear and/or affords the opportunity to climb on the pods.

As was humorously and poignantly indicated in the last JRS, the problem is that the pods are fun to play with, 'Like... really fun.' Unfortunately, as we have learned from direct experience the pods will be rapidly destroyed if participants climb or jump onto them. The inflated material simply cannot handle that degree of physical interaction.

My crew and I have been working on this sculpture for 10 months and we appeal to you as a community to help us protect and keep Jadu Beta, which is much like a living creature, alive and well. In addition to the intent of re-installing the sculpture post-festival, if the pods are ruined it would turn them into 10,000 lbs of unrecyclable plastic trash.

My crew and I, with the help of the Artery, are searching for enthusiastic participants to volunteer as interactive guardians or caretakers of the sculpture. If you are interested please go to http://burn.zevie.com/jb/070904-email-recruitment.html for details on getting involved. Or after arriving to the festival, you may simply visit The Artery located at 6:30 center camp ring and inquire about volunteering.

Please be respectful of the special requirements of this installation. Help to spread the word and if you see another participant climbing or jumping onto the sculpture or otherwise treating it badly please talk to them and let them know that their behavior will quickly destroy the sculpture and prevent the opportunity for other participants to experience the installation.

We hope you enjoy our contribution to the festival. Thank you for your collaboration.

Have a fantastic week.

-Saul Melman and the Jadu Beta Team.



Us members of the newly formed BRC Bike Guild got to talking on our list about coming up with a logo. You know, something appropriate for shirts, jewelry, stickers, tattoos, skywriting, and the sides of vehicles. I got to thinking that we should put the plea out to the greater burner community to see if anyone with more graphical sense (and time) than me, Cyclopath, and the Rat could come up with something.

This is to be a logo, so it should be recognizable from a distance (picture the ranger's logo, or the DPW's) should include the form of the man, some bikish element, like a wheel, or gear, and should say 'Black Rock City Bike Guild' in some sort of readable fashion. (And I think we all like circular designs, but we are open for surprises)

So how about it? There's no money available, but if and when we get shirts printed I promise the selected design's designer will get a couple of them. And we will serve you your favorite libation on the playa, as long as we have some. And you will have the honor of saying, 'see those idiots over there? I designed their logo and all I got was these shirts and some cheap beer.' Can you beat that? Don't answer that.

So, if you're game, please email all designs to ctp at borrachosybicicletas dot org and I'll pass them along to the guild and we'll try to pick from the thousands of designs we receive.

Thanks in advance! CTP el queso grande Borrachos Y Bicicletas 3:00 Plaza Bike Repair



Burning Chicagoans present for Burning Man 2004: CAMP TANABATA : FESTIVAL OF THE STARS

Participate in the mythical Asian celebration of wishing upon a star at the Tanabata Tree.

Camp Tanabata is where visitors write their wish, heart's desire or haiku on tanzaku strips to be colorfully displayed on the tree before being cast in the river of fire. Please come and visit us in Center Camp this year.

Whistleworks steam whistle performance Thursday night at 9:00PM Location: Just off the Esplanade at Center Camp

We are looking for volunteers: Ceramic Artists and Percussionists.

For more info please visit our web site or e-mail us: http://www.barkley.org/whistle whistleworks2002@yahoo.com

WHISTLEWORKS DOCUMENTARY IS NOW ON LINE This documentary follows the Whistleworks project from concept to completion and includes interviews with the participants and artist: Greg Worthington. Download it here: http://host217.ipowerweb.com/~audiovid/whistle


=========================================================== ==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS==================== ==========================================================*/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/**/*

All these happenings and more are on our YEAR-ROUND CALENDAR. Check it out to find (or post!) upcoming events in your city. http://www.burningman.com/calendar/yearround/


(MARIAN: I don't know, does the JRS need to promote an event in Michigan at someone's house?)


1st Annual Camp Videogasm Fundraiser Featuring: Robert Noll - Blues Guitarist Extraordinaire! With Special Guests: The Punk Funk Honkeys and Magma

Also featuring the World Premiere of: Camp Videogasm's 2002 Burning Man Video -And a late night visit from: Jason Voorhees

A $10 donation is suggested (free keg beer provided)

When: Friday, August 13th. Event Starts: 8:00 PM Music Starts: 10:00 PM Where: 1516 Muer Street, Troy, Michigan. (aka Art's Place) General Directions: Take the Big Beaver exit off I-75, go west on Big Beaver, turn north on Crooks Rd., turn west on Muer. It will be the second house on your right.



Saturday, August 14 Double your pleasure, double your fun... at the

Blyss Abyss Camp Burning Man Fundraiser and Triple Power 2nd Saturdays Launch Party

We are raising funds for our favorite theme camp, the Blyss Abyss (think the Giant Pink Lotus and Camp Conexus).

Saturday, August 14 9pm-2am $5-$10 sliding scale donation Sublounge 628 20th @ 3rd in Potrero


{Soundtrack to this JRS: Ben Folds Five, 'One Angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces'. OK, I've probably done this one before, but...it's like that!}

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Please do not subscribe the Jack Rabbit to mailing lists to let us know about events - our email volume is too enormous to read things that are automatically sent. If you'd like to submit an item to be considered for the newsletter, please send a blurb to us directly from your address.

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