Burning Man Update: The Jack Rabbit Speaks
August 28, 2005

We don't have a webcam in Center Camp Cafe, so we'll have to use the
magic of ASCII text to convey what's going on here in BRC on the last
night before Burning Man 2005. The event opens tonight at midnight,
so think of this as your Gate Edition of the JRS!

Tomorrow, the dancing begins - today, mellow music abounds, as
volunteers all over the city put the finishing touches on their
projects, domes, installations, and outfits. Here in Center Camp,
the Black Rock Boutique is hanging fabric to catch your eye to
attract you to their costume exchange. Next to them, Camp Artica's
almost 300 volunteers are getting ready to sell over a dozen full
container trucks of ice to you over the course of the event (in case
you were wondering, all proceeds go to local schools and charities).
The Black Rock sun is high and hot, and the Cafe shade is an exqusite
respite - and there's 38000 feet of it, making it a larger structure
than the Parthenon. Down in the Keyhole, towards the (duotone!
rotating!) Man, rock star artist Zach Coffin has built on his 'Temple
of Gravity' with Colossus, another boulder-inspired piece that works
best when you start yanking on it.

We could go on - but there's a whole host of info we wanted to make
sure you saw before you arrived. Some of it is perfect for reading
in the Greeter line - but most of it will be most helpful if you
check it out before you get in your car (/RV/bus/plane/radically
modified golf cart).

TWO IMPORTANT TIPS for the ride up: if you will need gas to get back
to I-80, buy it on the way IN to Black Rock City. The gas stations
are overrun during Exodus when thousands of people remember they need
fuel at the exact same time and place, and this can cause a big delay
for everybody. AND: although it sounds heartless - do not swerve for
the rabbits who dart across the road during the last stretch of your
drive. The bunnies are 'kamikaze' - and a quick jerk of the steering
wheel at 70 MPH is not a great idea.

Read on - then get up here ASAP - and let us be among the first to
welcome you to Burning Man 2005!

=====================TABLE OF CONTENTS======================

Leave No Trace Tips #4
Spotlight On The 2005 Grant Projects: Performances And Burns
SF Decompression Heat The Street Faire - October 9
BRC Bike Guild Checks In
Emergency Services: Respect The Blue Light
New Burning Man Calendar!
Other Great Additions To Burningman.Com
Internet In BRC
Playa Care Part 1: Don't Disturb Archaeological Artifacts
Playa Care Part 2: Use Drip Pans
GWally Makes Google Dance
Glowstick Tip
Energy Drinks: The Antihydrator
BRC Podcasts
BM In The News
Gas Is Getting Expensive
Big Truck Tips
Printable Theme Camp Directory
Reno Rideshare Project - Important Updates!

Center Cafe Looking For Teachers To Serve At Brain Buffets!
Eyes Wide Open Iraq War Memorial Needs Your Shoes!
Bureau Of Erotic Discourse Offering Workshops
Playatech Labor Day Desert Sale
Thursday Afternoon Kite Fly
Fire Art Needs Watcher, Sometimes
Bubble Lounge Seeks Soul Cabaret Performers
Thursday Fashion Show At Playa-Go-Round
Release Your Ghost
Bonefire Seeks Fire
Photo Of Last Year's Cloud Car Sought
Pinhole Camp Seeks Donors
Opulent Temple Seeks Donors
La Contessa Seeks Donors

Dark Skies At Roach Lake, Nevada, Oct 21-23


==================BLACK ROCK CITY NEWS======================



What do we all do to clean Black Rock City?

-Clean As You Go and Grid Your Camp at the End! Don't wait until the
end of the week to pick stuff up, CLEAN AS YOU GO. This will help you
from getting overwhelmed by the mess and help keep trash from blowing
out of reach. Then, when you pack up and load everything (including
trash) into your vehicle, do a line sweep across your camp. Have fun
with it - give everyone a Ziploc bag, line them up along one edge of
camp, look down and slowly walk to the other side. Cover your entire
area looking for those last bits of trash- every twist tie, cigarette
butt, food scrap, carpet fiber, match, nut shell, scrap of plastic,

-A Buried Stake Doesn't Disappear. Instead, its hazard is magnified.
Even when pounded below the surface, a stake will slowly, inevitably,
emerge from the playa. Then it might be found during the BLM's spring
inspection, producing a black mark against permit renewal; or it
might not be found until it tears a tire or gashes a foot- maybe
during next year's event, maybe to a windsurfer or another group
that, like us, uses the playa.

-Vise-grips will almost always remove a stuck stake. First, clamp on
the vise-grips and rotate the stake back and forth, to break the
playa's grip. Then continue rotating and also pull upwards. Still
stuck? Ask a neighbor for help. As a last resort, make the stake
highly visible by fastening something to it. Someone else with
heftier tools will be able to get it out. Water will sometimes help.

-Devote Two Hours to General Cleanup in Black Rock City. On your
ticket, you're asked to contribute two hours to community cleanup
before departure. This means the streets, public spaces, and open
playa where stuff may have been left behind. Stop by the Earth
Guardian camp on Sunday and Monday and we'll direct you to the areas
of the city that need the most attention.

- Secure your load, especially your trash. Don’t let your trash fly
off your vehicle, and do not dump it on the side of the road or at a
rest stop on the way home! Use an approved dumping facility or take
or home with you. Plan ahead before you even pack for the playa so
you leave with a minimal amount of trash.

-Consider joining the DPW post-event clean-up crews. Help us get it
out of here, so that we can all return again. The Bureau of Land
Management, the agency that writes our Special Recreation Use permit,
must agree that we've left no trace. They inspect random samples of
the city, in the fall and in the spring, and if we haven't left
99.99997% empty playa(23 parts per million), our future is in
trouble. So far we've done even better, and we keep improving.

Let's keep our playa clean! See the EG LNT pages for more:

See you (but not your MOOP!) out there!



This is the last installment in a series of six articles focusing on
our funded installations. You can view all 31 projects at


Several of the funded projects will consummate their week of life on
the playa with performances and burns. Please note the days and times
of the following, and enjoy!

1) At dawn: Eyes closing ceremony.
2) 10 AM: throat singing classes.
3) Throughout the day: Dream exploration and interpretation groups
and dream experience groups.
4) At sunset: Fire lighting and eye opening ceremony,realized by the
lamp lighters and dream workers.
5) Dream inducing music every evening.

It is said that an hour after the sun drops below the mountains on
Thursday evening, monsters will stir from their homes within the
three windmills to haunt the people of Black Rock City. A band of
warriors will stand between the denizens of this nomadic city and
these creatures spawned by seemingly innocent structures. It is
prophesied that from this great battle three knights will arise to
scatter the lowly daemons, and to destroy the evil citadels whose
blades cut out at the night. Most people just see windmills; but
because of warriors with clear vision and knights with great courage
we will be saved from the darkness that arises from theinner workings
of these mills.

In the open playa, The Machine stands ready. This multi-storied
meta-mechanical structure supports eight articulated kinetic limbs
above a central core, emitting an orchestra of sound in 8-channel
audio. Three stations surround this massive central structure and
house drive wheels. Powered by communal effort, the wheels turn,
engaging the transmission. Gears grind and the central core and upper
platform rotate, while the hanging limbs slowly draw upward. In its
metamorphosis, over the course of one week, each interaction will
generate a new stage of evolution and unique configuration. The city
will breathe life into this monumental organism and will also bring
about its demise.

As the sun hits the mountains on Friday night, come to center camp
and join in a procession of stilt walkers and musicians, as they
travel to the Machine to meet a mass of acro-balancers, fire
performers, and aerialists. Ruminate on the degeneration of the human
psyche as interpretive performance culminates in destruction. While
the higher consciousness combines balance and agility, processes and
digests information from the bowels of the Id. At the peak of
metapsychosis, with our collective strength, the inhabitants of Black
Rock City will collapse this colossus upon itself.
There will be no
spectators. http://www.burningman.com/installations/

Are you a slave to the Clock? Come visit the machine that rules you;
see all of its moving parts and learn the secrets of its inner
workings. When the clock strikes midnight on Sunday then you will be
able to abandon your shackles as we unleash the consuming fire upon
the device that consumes our existence. This ritual of destruction
will represent our awareness of how clocks have ruled our lives in
this busy world we
have inherited and continue to perpetuate.

The temple culminates in the very public performance of the burn. The
actual lighting ceremony is different every year, but is the critical
moment of the performance of the temple. Each year one or more
honored guests lights a central point of the temple; in the past
these have been people who contributed greatly to the making of the
temple, and are sometimes done in memory of someone recently lost.
Lighting ceremonies of recent years have been begun with operatic
singing, dance, or a procession of the guests chosen to light. This
year will again have a performance fitting with the reverent, solemn
mood of the last minutes of the temple before its own last
spectacular performance
- the burn.

Only a fraction of the art installations on the playa are funded. See
other 2005 projects here:


http://www.burningman.com/installations/05_art_playa.html .



October 9th, 2005
Indiana Street between Mariposa and 21st Street San Francisco


Want to perform, volunteer, or bring your theme camp to the SF Decom
this year? We have begun scheduling and compiling lists of theme
camps, artists and performers for October 9th. And this is shaping up
to be our best Decom ever!

E-mail flambelounge@burningman.com NOW! to reserve your space. We can
talk more after Burning Man. But we need to get a head start now.

If you are a theme camp, tell us: if you need sound, your power draw,
and a description of what you want to do.

If you are a performer, tell us desired minimum and maximum set
times, set up and break times, and a description of your performance.

If you are a visual artist, tell us about your art, so we can get you
optimal placement.

If you are a fire artist, send us a description, picture/schematic
and fire safety info.

Save your art and bring your Burning Man 2005 imagery to the 6th



Greetings from your Black Rock City Bike Guild.

First and foremost - please please please please please go buy
yourselves some spare inner tubes. In fact be a super awesome burner
and buy more than you need and donate them to the BRC Bike Guild, or
to any bike repair camps around BRC. We bike repairers do our best
to bring spare tubes, tires, parts, etc to Black Rock City to help
keep you all rolling and happy, but we few can only do so much with
so little. Therefore this is our annual plea to all burners with

Also, go buy a spare chain or two for your whole camp. Bring a patch
kit, or three. And take a look at your tires...do they look like
they'll make it another year, or are they crumbly and threadbare?
Buy replacement tires and change them before you come up. We beg of
you. They even sell most of the bike parts you'll need at many
hardware stores and big box variety stores if you don't have a local
bike shop.

Beyond that, please get your bike looked at by someone who knows a
little about bikes to see if there are any glaring problems with how
it runs. We'd hate to have you arrive in Black Rock City only to
find out that your bike won't last the whole week, and that no one
has the part you need. Having a bike that runs well is also part of
being self reliant!

Bring a lock and chain, or cable. It is sad but true that bikes get
taken at Burning Man every year, but not many that are locked up get
stolen. Even a cheap, light lock is better than none at all.

We'll see you soon!!!

Black Rock City Bike Guild



--Emergency responders on the playa?

Please remember that Fire, EMS, Law Enforcement, and Emergency
Services resources need to respond to emergencies in BRC just like
every other city. When responding to an emergency they will use their
emergency lights and sirens, as appropriate and necessary. Please
yield right of way by moving to the right and coming to a complete
stop, regardless of whether you are on a bike, an art car, or other

Sometimes responding units will kick up dust, but only if it is a
true emergency. Otherwise the speed limit applies to the emergency
vehicles like all others. Please maintain at least 100 feet from the
tailgate of an emergency vehicle when driving in your art car. At
the scene of an emergency please keep your art car PA turned off, and
please leave refrain from making siren-like noises on your PA, even
if it seems like it would be a really funny thing to do.

--Burn Night rally point to help you!

Watching the Man burn? Find someone having a problem? Look for the
blue lights!

At the ends of the 3 o'clock and 9 o'clock Promenades, just back from
the crowd on burn night, the Rangers and the Emergency Services
Department have put together rally points for anyone with an urgent
problem. These spots have flashing blue lights high above them to
make them easy to spot. So if you have a medical emergency, if some
people are fighting, if someone needs help of any kind, then come let
the rally points know, and we'll be able to get help on its way.

Questions? Email 911(at)burningman.com



This beautiful 12 month calendar contains 89 photos and features a
time line of Burning Man history detailing many first time events.
The combination of information, graphics, and ephemera illustrations
make this publication more than just a calendar.

The new calendars are currently available at Distractions on Haight
St, and will soon be available at our outlets in Berkeley,
Sacramento, Reno and Empire.

AND they are available online in the Marketplace section of
burningman.com. Check it out!




Courtesy of PlayaQuest, this week's updates to www.burningman.com:

- link to Bill Carson's playa weather page (Black Rock Station,
technically) so you can see what the weather is and has been doing
- link to the live Gerlach webcam
- link to the personal use agreement so all those folks with video
cameras can get 'em tagged up faster at the Greeters line
- link to the Building Black Rock City blog (which is going really
well ... check it out!)
- added more playa tips: grey water, health and safety, and Heloise's
great playa tips
- highlighted a new tale from the playa, guaranteed to get you ...
POW! ... pumped up to participate!
- all the theme camps and art installations listings are up
- link to info for registering art installations (although you kinda
shoulda already registered...)
- oh, and the Afterburn 2004 report is now linked from the main
navigation ... cuz it's *that* important, yo!

And don't forget that there's a whole week (well - lifetime, really)
of on-playa goodness listed at the Playa Calendar. Print it out,
write it down, put it all into your palm pilot, then never get around
to unpacking any of it - but maybe you'll remember one or two cool
things and make sure you get to them.




As before, Camp I Am Village/The Embassy, through the generousity of
John Gilmore and many others will be providing an internet connection
and wireless network on the Playa. Bring a laptop with 'wifi'
connectivity, and set the network name (SSID) to 'internet' to
connect. No extra settings are needed (no WEP key, and you'll use
DHCP for a dynamic internet address.)

This year the network should be faster and better than ever. In
addition, there will be an on-playa web server providing local
information, a Wiki, A message board, a real-time Art map from the
Artery, Playa Phone voice mail, news, updates on the wireless network
and internet connection and more. You will be able to access this
only on the Playa, probably not from outside.

Burners are encouraged to update the Wiki and other resources with
their live on-playa experiences and wisdom, plus events, art and
camps not noted in the WhatWhereWhen or Camp Directory.

To reach the on-playa server, use the web address: http://4brc.com



(Or, Not all MOOP is for picking up and taking away)

Do your part to preserve the history and archaeology of the Black
Rock Desert. Please note that It is illegal and a violation of our
permit for Burning Man staff or participants to collect, excavate, or
vandalize archaeological artifacts in the Black Rock Desert. There
was a lot of water on the playa this spring and summer so things have
been churned up a bit. If you see anything that looks like an
artifact (arrowhead, old bones, etc.) then please cease any activity
in that area immediately and do not disturb the item. Also, find a
Black Rock Ranger and ask him or her to notify the Bureau of Land



'Leave No Trace' Includes Chemical Drips from Vehicles

Does your vehicle leak oil or other fluids? Even just a mild drip
can cause a huge stain on the playa after the vehicle has been parked
for a week. Please do your part to Leave No Trace by being proactive
and bringing old cardboard, tarps, hazmat pad or a drip pan to place
under your vehicle while parked on the playa.



Some great maps from our own GWally!

'I have been making Google Maps with links to destinations I feel
people might like to check out.'

For instance, the map of Gerlach lists every business.

The same with Empire (I know, not hard).

Other cities like Lakeview are getting Google Maps with businesses
frequented by Burners such as the Safeway

And all of this is being compiled in a guide that can be easily
printed out:

All of this would be very useful for anyone who is coming from the
North. I am attempting to do the same thing with a map of Reno.

And a map, from Lisa Hoffman, of Black Rock City 2005:


Thanks guys!



If you really really must use glowsticks instead of something
renewable/battery operated, please consider this tip:
Spray paint the end of all your glowsticks so that if you DO
accidentally drop one, you can see them around camp the next day and
they don't end up as Moop.



Todd 'portaplaya' Gardiner writes in with this tip - 'Apparently the
super high levels of caffeine in Red Bull, Rockstar, etc are
especially powerful diuretics with alcohol and make for a poor choice
of cocktail on the playa. Please scan this related article from the
Seattle Times newspaper'




Fabian Mohr, a burner and reporter from Germany, will be podcasting
from BRC, for those of you who can't make it this year (and for those
of you coming this year and bringing way too many cables and
electronic devices)


First podcast:

Podcast feed:



Angels of the apocalypse: What I learned about fire, people, and
Burning Man as a minion of the Flaming Lotus Girls.
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Steven T. Jones
August 17, 2005

Behind the flames
San Francisco Bay Guardian
Steven T. Jones
August 17, 2005

Artist works around clock for Burning Man: Berkeley crew makes giant
timepiece to torch
Inside Bay Area
Laura Casey
August 15, 2005



Gary from AZ writes: Diesel and gasoline prices in some rural areas
of Northern Nevada as of this weekend are close to, or have passed
$3.00 a gallon.

It is expected that if the run on oil prices continues, at the rate
we have seen in the last three weeks, gas and diesel in all areas of
Northern Nevada will be over $3.00 a gallon within the next two

Plan your trip finances accordingly.



We got this advice about big trucks - made sense to us.

Pulling a trailer to Burning Man?
Driving a larger rental truck or RV to Burning Man?
Nervous about negotiating narrow lanes in a larger-than-normal

Spoke with a CalTrans person who informed me that construction on I80
between Gold Run and Nyack will continue past Labor Day. The
construction has narrow lanes and minimal shoulders, also a closed
off ramp or two in this about 8 miles section.

In addition there is paving being done between Newcastle and Colfax.
There are no narrow lanes for this section, and this portion of the
highway should not be a problem or concern for anyone driving to or
from Burning Man.

CalTrans is shunting ALL wide loads onto Highways 49 and 20 so they
will avoid the narrow lanes.

It is my opinion that infrequent drivers of RVs, larger rental
trucks, and those pulling larger trailers should take Highway 49 and
Highway 20.
Although both of these roads are mostly 2 lane, traffic is mainly
light, there are no sharp turns, and they are quite scenic.

Travelling east on I80, take the Bell Road exit at the very east end
of Auburn . Go west and turn north on Highway 49 at the Target
store. Continue north on Highway 49, through Grass Valley (don’t
take the Highway 20 West exit in Grass Valley) and at the east end of
Nevada City go straight on Highway 20, (don’t turn left onto Highway
49). Highway 20 ends at I80, take the Reno direction.

There are turnouts for slower vehicles on Highway 20, be courteous
and please use them if you are holding up any traffic behind you.
While there will not be construction on Labor Day, cones will remain
up and lanes will still be narrow. It might be a good idea to
consider using Highway 20 and Highway 49 for your return trip.

Bell Road is the second exit past the Foresthill exit. There are
several gas stations and eateries, at the Foresthill exit, along with
a Raley’s grocery store. Easy to return to the freeway, either at
the Foresthill on ramp, or by driving east or the frontage road and
getting on at the next on ramp (Bowman).

CalTrans Marysville office to verify the above.
530-741-4100 (FAX)



Noise writes: 'I've created a printable directory of Theme Camps and
Villages at Burning Man. In past years, folks have used it before
arrival to choose camps and events they want to check out. It's also
very useful on the playa because addresses are included.

A link to download the PDF file (with instructions) is on my website:


I appreciate any feedback, including updates/corrections. Just click
the 'Contact' link on my site, then provide your comments.

Peace, Love & Playa Dust,



Two announcements regarding the fantastic Reno Rideshare Project and
International BUrner Hostel, from Fred / Hageymon, the wonderful guy
who started this crazy thing:

'For people NEEDING RIDES, but who have NOT ALREADY made arrangements
with us, a NEW LOCATION has been established, since the Burner Hostel
is already OVERWHELMED with people and cannot accomodate any more!

PLEASE DO NOT DROP IN at the Burner Hostel, unexpected or uninvited,
as we CANNOT help you here.

No more overnight LODGING is available here, either, for those who
are NOT already REGISTERED!

OFFICIALLY, the Rendezvous Point for the Reno-to-Playa Rideshare
Project has been moved to Twin City Surplus, in Reno!

For people who can PROVIDE TRANSPORT from today until the Hostel
closes its doors on Tuesday the 30th, noon:

Please stop by Twin City Surplus FIRST, if you can. If no riders are
there, then swing by the Burner Hostel. Do a Mapquest on 1350
Breaker Way, in Sparks. Please do not CALL here, asking for
directions, as our phone line is TIED UP almost ALWAYS.

HOWEVER, and this is URGENT:

Due to NUMEROUS complaints by neighbors, the SURVIVAL of the Burner
Hostel depends upon keeping the traffic on this street to the BAREST
MINIMUM, so we're asking everyone to PARK elsewhere, NOT on this
street, anywhere in the shopping centers immediately south of here,
in the vicinity of Prater Way and McCarran Blvd, or near the
park/tennis courts north of here, on Greenbrae Drive, and WALK down
the street to the Hostel.

Then, you can SELECT the rider(s) who suit you and the amount of
space you have available...

For those who can provide transport AFTER the Hostel closes its doors
on Tuesday the 30th:

TWIN CITY SURPLUS is the place to find riders, or, if no one is
there, you might find some Weary and Needy Souls wandering around the
shopping centers in the Prater Way and McCarran Blvd vicinity,
Sparks, doing last-minute shopping, perhaps at Albertsons.

Thank you very much,

Hagey. Already Pulling His Hair Out!'


Rick Brown in Reno writes with great news of the evolution of the
project for those who were still hoping to drop in:

'The Reno to Playa Ride Share Project rendezvous location is moving.

Hagemon has hosted the ride share project since its inception, but,
for better or worse, the resulting traffic has outgrown his
residential neighborhood. Hagey's hospitality and the convenience of
his location will be sorely missed. Hagey says if you have already
made arrangements with him they are still valid.

The new rendezvous location is being hosted by Twin City Surplus at
1675 East 4th Street in Reno. There will be some couches, a portable
toilet, shade, some trash bins and all the stuff Twin City offers
including water, but no close by grocery shopping. If you need to
grocery shop then do so first, then make your way to Twin City. You
can repackage for the playa there and use the trash bins to discard
store packaging. The ride share project asks for a donation of $5 for
each carload of riders/drivers who match up. The donations will be
used to pay for the toilets, trash service, miscellaneous associated
expenses and, if there's any left over, maybe better couches next
year. Twin City will accept the donations.

To get to Twin City Surplus1675 East 4th Street:
From I80 take the Wells Avenue Exit and go south one block to 6th
Street. Turn east on 6th and go about 6 blocks to where it joins 4th
Look left and see large water tanks belonging to Twin. Turn in
That is the rendezvous parking location. Please do not park in front
of the store entrance as you will interfere with normal store
Please don't ask Twin employees about the ride share project or
rider/driver status. They don't know anything about that; they just
provide the location.

If you're unfamiliar with the ride share project: It is an effort by
the Reno Burning Man Community to help Burners who arrive in Reno
without ground transportation get to the playa, and to give those who
are driving to the playa a chance to give a ride and meet interesting
people. If you're driving please consider stopping by to give
somebody a ride.

Send any questions to reno@burningman.com'





Do you have something to teach? Expertise and knowledge to share in a
fun way on a particular subject of interest to Burning Man
participants? Maybe it's a Leave No Trace Training or a talk about
nomadic art and social change; or maybe something on biodiesel and
solar powered theme camps; or maybe you're an expert on the history
of puppet-making and protests through the ages... We want to hear
from you!

The Cafe team has set aside two hours a day in the Center Cafe to
provide a forum to share the intellectual wealth of our community.
These are one hour slots and we still have a few available. So, let
us know what you want to serve at YOUR Brain Buffet!!!

11am to noon (Mon to Sat) = Breakfast Brain Buffets
4pm-5pm (Mon-Fri) = Afternoon Brain Buffets

If you have something to share, Contact: catalayse@burningman.com



The Eyes Wide Open Iraq War Memorial is putting a call out to all
burners to add to the project by bringing an old discardable pair of
shoes out to the playa. The Memorial is made up of combat boots,
which represent the soldiers who have been killed in the war, and
civilian shoes representing all of the others who have lost their
lives (the number of civilian shoes in the piece can be immense, as
the number of civilian lives lost is immense and unknown). Materials
will be provided for you to attach your shoes to the playa. Most
shoes are welcome -- dress shoes, work shoes, sneakers, baby shoes,
dress shoes -- just not combat boots or fabulous burner party shoes.
So, to recap -- bring out a pair of shoes, find us on the playa, and
become part of this powerful piece of art. THANKS!



This just in from a new group on-playa this year, the Bureau of
Erotic Discourse:

Come to one of our 'playshops' and learn how to get what you want
without crossing the boundaries of others! With consent and
respectful negotiation, almost anything is possible. Women – empower
yourselves to be clear, and if you find yourself in a situation where
you wish you had a friend to walk you home, or you just need someone
to talk to, look for one of us in our big funky pink hats, and we
will be happy to help.

Negotiating Sex 101: How To Get Laid at Burning Man

An interactive workshop on sexual desires and boundaries.

Monday, 5:30 HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
Wednesday, 5:30 HeeBeeGeeBee Healers
Thursday, 4:00 Pink Flamingo Lounge
Thursday 7:00 HeeBeeGeeBeeHealers

Help ensure that Burning Man continues to be a safe environment for
all forms of self-expression!



Playatech’s Once-Only Annual Labor Day Desert Snuggle Sale @ 6:01 &

Greetings Black Rockers! Are you still sitting on a stupid folding
camp chair wondering why you’re not an artist, or passing out alone
on a skanky old couch you can’t even burn? If so, your psyche needs
Playatech, the world’s leading brand of rapidly deployable artistic

Visit Playatech’s Black Rock Factory Showroom and Outlet Store at
6:01 and Ego for our once-only annual Labor Day Desert Snuggle Sale –
yes, our entire award-winning line of plywood love seats, couches,
loungers, bars, tent organizers and accessories is 100% off, burn
week only! Come decorate something and we’ll give you the plans, or
maybe a schwag lighter to leave no trace with. And don’t miss our
subconscious lifestyle showcases at Borg 2, The Dicky Box, Critical
Tits, and somewhere on the playa only the Artery knows.

Playatech ecstatically offers Black Rock City’s first-ever dust-proof
guarantee, good for the life of the LLC: yes, we guarantee that even
you can build the world’s most advanced collapsible, burnable, easily
constructed period furniture for the 21st Century Burner. We
guarantee that if you build it, the industrial artist within you will
come. We guarantee each piece is a plywood canvas that will release
the fine artist hiding in your psyche. We guarantee that remitting
our required royalty to Black Rock Arts Foundation or Borg2 will make
you an art philanthropist, and art we can’t imagine yet will emerge
from your psyche and others. Burn week, we even guarantee someone
will share your Playa Love Seat with you, and that you can achieve
catharsis at our final clearance sale by burning it midnight Saturday
in the Man embers. No one beats Playatech product price/perflormance,
and if you don’t agree we’ll give you your money back!!!

A new era in rapidly deployable lifestyles is about to arrive at 6:01
& Ego, and neither your brain nor your bottom will ever feel the same
about plywood again. Only from Playatech – supporting asses and the
arts since a few weeks ago. http://www.playatech.com



The Black Rock City Department of Tethered Aviation is pleased to
announce the 8th Annual Thursday Afternoon 4:20 Kite Fly.

The event will start at Thursday afternoon at 4:20, on the Playa in
front of the DOTA Camp at Esplanade & 7:00, and radiate out to fill
the Playa sky.

Join us and help make the 4:20 Kite Fly the largest kiting event in
the North America. Our goal is to put 10,000 kites into the sky over
the Playa. Hopefully, the wind gods will cooperate this year. DOTA
needs your help to accomplish this 10,000 kite goal. We are asking
all citizens of Black Rock City to bring two kites to the Playa this
year. One to fly and one for someone else to fly. Tell a friend,
please help us pass the word about this event.

See you in the Playa sky!

Black Rock City Department of Tethered Aviation DOTA ROCKS!



Be Tender for the Tetherball

The flaming tetherball -- the Chaotick -- needs your company. Fire
Safety rules now require someone nearby to turn it off, just in case;
and so I can't leave it blazing, looping and swooping in lonely
splendor as in past years.

Every evening at dusk I will set it aflame, then stand back and watch
it cycle, maybe talk with visitors -- but sometimes I need time off.

If you're willing to hang out there for an hour or so, I can go use
the potty, have a meal, or see another part of the city. Otherwise
I'll have to turn it off anytime I leave. That would be a shame.

What's involved, and who can do it? This has got to be one of the
easiest volunteer jobs ever. What you do is, hang out alone or with
friends near a piece of fire art that's always in motion. It's a
great place for temporary parties, and it's always drawing curious
visitors across the playa.

The tetherball never does anything hazardous, and no lifesaving
skills are needed. If, for instance, it runs out of fuel, or Fire
Safety requests a turnoff, you turn one knob and flip one switch, and
it turns off. The one requirement is to stay nearby until I get back
(Fire Safety people are really serious about this.) Or if for some
reason you have to bail, just turn it off and walk away.

Where is it? At 5 o'clock, a short walk off the Esplanade. When?
With your help, it'll burn from twilight to early early morning.
Thanks, and I hope you'll come by.

Ember, aka Larry Breed



The Bubble Lounge (Center Camp, Amnesia & Loop) is looking for
additional performers and DJ's for the Soul Cabaret afternoons and
evenings. Already scheduled to perform are Connie Champagne (with
Mighty Dave and Pickles), Caroluna, The Department of Mental
Technology, POD, DJ Fatfinger, DJ Dandelion, and Megan Marshall. If
you are interested in participating, e-mail bubbles@carnevale.us
before August 24th. ...and remember, the softer your blow, the
bigger the bubble!



Contestants wanted!!
Camp Playa-Go-Round (at 2:30 and Esplanade) proudly presents the
first and probably the last annual...Psyche-Delic Fashion Show!!!
Thursday at 4:30 pm. YOU are the models, creators and fashion
victims. Think Austin Powers meets Sigmund Freud. There will be a
panel of 3 esteemed judges. You will be judged. Harshly. There will
be fabulous prizes. There will be fabulous music for you to strut
your stuff by DJ Chris. Come show us how mental you really are!



GHOSTWRITER wants your stories, moments, and words for a cathartic
ritual. Need not be present to release your ghost ! You can
participate via email, in person on the Playa, or both.

Words invoke the past. Fire destroys them. If you harbour a ghost
from your past, and you are ready to let it go, please participate in
Ghostwriter. Your ghost may be a person, an event, a thing, a curse,
a moment in time that changed your life forever. The Ghostwriter
ritual is designed to release these ghosts and unleash yourself from

1) The Gathering - Send your Ghost Word or story to 2005@2GQ.org.*
Think of a word, a calendar date, or symbol that represents what you
are letting go. Send a paragraph, a poem, a story to accompany it if
you like. Sign it with your first name or pseudonym. Your anonymity
will be respected.

2) The Release - In song, dance, and fire, Tiffany Lee Brown (of
Passiflora) and Tamara Yeskel (of Sati Fire Theatre), together with
collaborators, will inscribe your Ghost word on the Playa air and let
it dissolve in the dust. To be there in person, meet on the Playa
across the Esplanade from Astral Vortex at the address 8 o' clock and
Esplanade. Meet 30 minutes after The Man falls, on Burn Night.

3) The Voicing - The last part of the ritual will be conducted on the
main stage in Center Camp Cafe, during the Soriah performance, 2 a.m.
to 4 a.m. on Burn Night. Passiflora & Soriah will give your Ghost
Word one last voice before sending it on its way -- forever.

*** Please join in only if you're genuinely ready to let this thing
in your email outbox, nothing on the hard drive, no secret copies in
your diary. This ritual will only work if you let it.***

Thank you & have a nice ghost.

-Tif & Tamara & Soriah & co.



Bonefire Bob writes: 'I've been asked to provide a massive show of
flame effects on Friday nite for the playa art installation 'The
Machine'. I'm looking for anyone who has a portable flame device or
something similar to the 'Bonefire' flamethrower to light up the sky
and attract a crowd for their ceremony. There will be a rehearsal on
Wed. evening 8/31 at the Machine that anyone interested will have to
attend. If this interests you and you have the equipment email me at
bob@bonefire.com along with a short description or photo of what you
have to offer.'



Cheeky Rabbit writes: 'Burners, Cheeky Rabbit here with a very
special request. All my boyfriend wants for his birthday is a photo
of our Mutant Vehicle, 'Cloud Car' lit up at night. We were on the
playa last year and it was a golf cart enveloped in a beautiful cloud
lit from within. If anyone got a shot, we would be forever grateful.
Truthloveplaya, Cheeky Rabbit - ppw310@yahoo.com'



The Pinhole Camp (http://pinholecamp.org) has created 40X30 inch
portraits with festival participants since 1999. It evolved from the
desire of four first time participants to contribute in a unique and
lasting way to the ephemeral pleasures of the playa and matured into
a creative and meaningful interactive engagement with other festival

Currently, pinhole builds over a dozen portable barrel cameras that
are cycled throughout the far reaches of the playa in search for
those special people and pictures. The cameras are returned to
pinhole and developed in our truck-sized darkroom. Some prints are
gifted and others proudly hung in our pinhole gallery at Burning Man
for all to enjoy.

It takes over $3000 to bring pinhole art to Burning Man and pinhole
has always been a 100% self-funded camp. This year we need help from
our community of fellow artists, friends, photographers, and family
to fund our unique and lasting art at Burning Man. 100% of the
donation proceeds will go towards buying photographic paper and
chemicals, and creating the darkroom and portable barrel cameras.
Though Burning Man camps build such luxuries as comfortable domes,
kitchens, sound systems, bars, and showers, not a penny of the money
donated will go towards these items. They will be funded exclusively
by pinhole 2005 participants personal contributions.

You can donate at many levels. At the $20 level, you will receive a
gorgeous, professionally produced, 12X9 inch pinhole replica print as
our thank you gift. This print is one of our best pinhole shots ever
(http://pinholecamp.org/donate/dome_shot.jpg)! At the $45 level or
above, you will receive a print double the size at 24X18 inches. To
make a donation, please go to:


Thank you in advance to everyone!



Please consider supporting the Opulent Temple of Venus's project at

Despite our best efforts, we are far short of our budget needs, and
are asking for even the most modest donations. Our camp, located at
2:00 and Esplanade this year, will serve the Goddesses of the playa
by day, and by night will have parties with world class music and
something for everyone, including a gift bar! Please invest in your
future fun. Even $5 would help. Please read more about our project
and how to donate by Pay Pal or mail here:




Time is getting really short and we need some help to bring the La
Contessa back to Black Rock City. We need to raise just a little more
money to make this adventure a success. Be part of this living
legend as we watch the stars through the rigging and tattered sails.
Enjoy live entertainment daily. Feel the wind as we sail across the

$100 gets you a laser cut Galleon key (art object, not a real key),
but anything you can contribute will go a long ways to get her back
on the playa. No one's pockets are being lined, no one is making any
money off this. Give Norville Parchment a call at 510-472-8843. We
can set up Pay Pal arrangements or mail a check to Nimby, 1649 28th
st., Oakland, CA, 94608-4453

(Thanks a lot to everyone who has already contributed!)


==================EVENTS AND HAPPENINGS=====================





Tickets to The DARK SKIES ARTS FESTIVAL to be held October 21-23 at
Roach Lake, Nevada are going up in price from $30 to $40 on Tuesday,
August 23th.

Dark Skies is a three-day two night camping trip featuring art,
performance, and music held on multiple locations around the event
site. This is a leave no trace event. There is no in out, no pets,
and no vending of any kind. Kids under 18 will be allowed at Dark
Skies with responsible parents, but there are no ‘kids price’
tickets. This is also the Burningman regional event for southern
Nevada, all playa customs and courtesy’s will therefore apply,
including gifting, leave no trace, and radical self-reliance, among
several others.

The last Dark Skies in May ‘05 had about 400 people on site. The
community has decided that we’re capping this one at 600. When
they’re gone, they’re gone.

Temperatures at the last Dark Skies reached upwards of 115 degrees.
Conversely it may be very cold & windy at the October Dark Skies, so
plan accordingly. This is camping; in harsh desert conditions with no
services provided other than potties. You will be receiving a
survival guide along with your tickets.

-Tickets for Dark Skies are available here
-Pictures from May ’05 are here
-And the event’s newsgroup is here

Thank you all sincerely for your support of this event.


==================ADMIN ON AND OFF THE JRS====================

Email us or questions@burningman.com any time with questions. Email
jackrabbitspeaks@burningman.com by 11:59 PM PST on Sunday for post
requests. (We don't post all requests, however.) Please type 'POST
REQUEST' in your subject line to make it past the SPAM.

For questions: questions@burningman.com
Old rabbits: http://www.burningman.com/blackrockcity_yearround/jrs/
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