Fitting the VIsor

Long view of Super Six with new visor.

Closeup of windshield area

Now this is the part that's got me a little confused. This thing looks like it belongs between the two halves of the visor, as a support. Was it made for a car with a different windshield?

When fitted between the two halvs of the visor, this piece just barely fits between the bottom of the visor and the windshield split.

There are 4 extension pieces. The 2 to the right look like they hook around something, perhaps the windshield split, or perhaps the antenna stop near the bottom of the windshield split. Maybe they hook onto the base of the antena itself.

I'm also not sure whch way this fits. Should the hook shaped pieces be more toward the front of the car?

There is a set of 4 drill holes which hold the visor together. This piece has 3 holes. That means this piece can be placed more forward, or closer to the windshield.

Well, that about covers all the variables I can think of.

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