JavaServerTM Faces (JSF) 1.0 EA4
Release Notes

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The purpose of this release is to introduce you to the JavaServer Faces framework and to provide you with an opportunity to give us feedback on the work we've done so far.

This Early Access release of JavaServer Faces technology provides an early alpha version of the JSF technology which is currently being developed under the Java Community Process(SM) ("JCP(SM)") as JSR127. The expert group is actively working on the specification, and you should expect to see continued evolution between this release and the final draft of the specification. Therefore, applications built on this release of JavaServer Faces technology are not guaranteed to work without modification on future releases.


Supported Operating Systems

Required Software

This release requires that you install the software listed in the following table. Only those versions listed in the table have been tested and are supported.
TABLE 1 Required Software
Software Version


Java Development Kit  version 1.3.1 or later 
Java Web Services Developer Pack version 1.1 or 1.2
Microsoft Internet Explorer or Netscape Navigator  version 6 (IE)
version 7 (Netscape)

What This Release Includes

What's New in This Release

The three major new features for this release are: Application Configuration Resources, Navigation Handling, and Object Management

Application Configuration Resources
JavaServer Faces, v 1.0 EA4 defines a portable configuration resource format (as an XML document) for configuring resources required at application startup time. The configurable resources include: custom components, renderers, converters, and validators; render kits; navigation rules; and model beans. In previous releases, these resources had to be configured programmatically. This new feature eliminates the need for: an ApplicationHandler to define navigation; and a ServletContextListener to register converters, validators, renderers, render kits, and messages.

Navigation Handling
This new feature is closely tied to the Application Configuration Resources feature described above. In previous releases, navigation rules were defined programmatically in the ApplicationHandler. For this release, navigation rules are defined in the portable configuration resource, described in the previous section.

Object Management
This new feature is also tied to the Application Configuration Resources feature. In previous releases, JavaServer Faces technology enabled you to create model objects that encapsulated data and business logic separately from UI component objects. This release fully specifies how these objects are created and managed. This release also provides a Managed Bean Creation facility, which creates new model objects and stores them in scope. This facility is also configured using the Application Configuration Resource.

Known Issues With This Release

Known Bugs

TABLE 2 Known Bugs for This Release
Bug ID Description


4866763 Must make sure that all pluggable classes, such as Application, are actually pluggable.
4823134 JSF tags don't offer all attributes available in equivalent HTML 4 tags
4823150 SelectItems should be localizable
4823152 Investigate using a stylesheet renderer
4823154 Investigate actionReference attribute for command_button
4823158 Command not invoked in rare cases with IE 5.5

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