JavaServerTM Faces
Sample Applications

Specification Version: 1.0 EA4
Reference Implementation (RI) Version: 1.0 EA4

This release of JavaServer Faces technology includes these four examples:

An online car store, localized in American English, French, German and Latin American Spanish. This application is a proof-of-concept application, which demonstrates that JavaServer Faces technology can be used to build industrial-strength Web applications. It is not intended to be representative of best practices for Web application design.
A set of custom components. This application shows how to build various custom components with JavaServer Faces technology.
Duke is thinking of a number. Can you guess it? This simple application shows a small set of standard components, page navigation, and validation.
A simple application without JSP pages. This application demonstrates that you can build JavaServer Faces applications that don't use JSP pages.

Running the Examples Using the Pre-Installed XML Files

The Java Web Services Developer Pack ("Java WSDP"), v. 1.2 includes an XML file for each example application in the <JWSDP_HOME>/webapps directory. This file causes an application to be automatically deployed when you start Tomcat. To run an example that is already deployed:
  1. Set the environment variables: