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Registry Server 1.0_06 Release Notes

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Revised: 09/26/2003


Read This Section First

Before you work with this release of the JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) Registry Server, make sure that you have installed the required software and are on a supported operating system. You can find this information in the Java WSDP home page and Release Notes and the Java WSDP Registry Server home page.

The service end point for the Java WSDP Registry Server is http://localhost:8080/RegistryServer. The service end point can be changed by editing the property values in <JWSDP_HOME>/jwsdp-shared/bin/launcher.xml:
<sysproperty key="" value="desired Xindice host"/>
<sysproperty key="org.apache.xindice.port" value="desired Xindice port"/>

Note: The file <JWSDP_HOME>/registry-server/webapps/RegistryServer.war may only be used for the purposes of designing, developing, and testing programs.

What This Release Includes

This release includes

You can also use the Registry Browser and sample programs provided by the Java API for XML Registries (JAXR) to create and query registry data. When you use JAXR or any other UDDI capable application with the Java WSDP Registry Server, the service end point is http://localhost:8080/RegistryServer

This release implements Version 2 of the Universal Description, Discovery and Integration (UDDI) project, including

The release contents are arranged in the following structure within the Java WSDP installation:

Directory Name Contents
registry-server/docs Release documentation for the Java WSDP Registry Server
registry-server/samples Command-line client script for creating new registry users
registry-server/webapps The Registry Server application, in the file RegistryServer.war and the Xindice database application in the file Xindice.war
registry-server/Xindice Xindice database files
bin Tomcat startup scripts
conf Java WSDP configuration files
logs Log files for the Registry Server, Xindice database, Tomcat and all Java WSDP applications

Using the Registry Server with the Security Manager

To use the Registry Server with the security manager turned on, add these permissions to the file <JWSDP_HOME>/conf/catalina.policy:

grant codeBase "file:${catalina.home}/work/Standard Engine/localhost/RegistryServer/WEB-INF/classes/-" {
   permission "${catalina.home}/jaxp/lib/endorsed/xercesImpl.jar", "read";
   permission "${catalina.home}/jaxp/lib/endorsed/xalan.jar", "read";
   permission "${catalina.home}/bin/", "read";
   permission java.util.PropertyPermission "*", "read, write";
   permission "*", "listen,connect,resolve";

Current Limitations

The 1.0_06 release of the Java WSDP Registry Server has the following limitations:

Known Issues

At this release, the Java WSDP Registry Server has the following known issues: