Project Tang

The Plan
Reconstruct the back pack on this spacesuit so that it dispenses Tang. The precious liquid shall be dispensed by me via one of the three available oxygen hoses on the pack. The top of the pack is separable and shall hold a supply of small Dixie cups such that I become a self contained, self sufficient unit.

Some Details subject to change based on ideas from eveyone
First I'll built a lightweight hollow box, such that the cloth that forms the pack will hold it's square shape. I imagine a rectangular frame representing the four narrow sides of the box, material unknown as yet. Then the two broad sides will consist of thick plastic sheeting, the kind used in showers. I have used this before. I used it to make the Hudson's new door panels. It's a little flimsy, but hopefully not too much. Open to other ideas. I'd rather not make the box out of wood as that will get heavy over time. Maybe the frame will be made of thick styrofoam?
Next, the reservoir. I imagine I will not be able to find a tank that will fit. So the plan is to use or construct a bladder of some sort. A large plastic bag. Maybe I'll canabalize a bicycle hydropak if I can find one large enough.
I'll use a small 12v pump that will sit at the bommom of the bladder. It will be powered by an alarm battery guaranteed to last the duration of any science fiction convention or Burning Man event. The battery and liquid will be the heaviest components.
A plastic tube will run the length of one of the air hoses.
Linda will unstitch the existing pack and sew around the new construct. There will be a little more sewing involved for the air hose. This task should be minimal.

Bay Con 2013, the last weekend in May.

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Project Tang becomrs Operation Tang

With Amy Sterling Casil.