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Code Samples Overview and Instructions

For cross-platform compatibility, all examples come in the form of Windows compatible zip files.
On Linux, all you need to do is type unzip foo.zip. On MacOS you can simply double click on the zip file. Traditional Winzip should work for Windows users.
To create a Windows compatible zip file type this zip -9 -y -r -q file.zip folder/

Linux users may need to install zip.
Type sudo yum install zip if you are running CentOS or Redhat.
Type sudo aptitude install zip if you are running Debian or Ubuntu.

Many projects are now up on Github at https://github.com/chrishull

My resume provides more background into most of the projects mentioned here.

Editor Sessions Plugin for Eclipse

Name sets of Eclipse tabs and switch between them with ease. A complete Eclipse plugin with source code on Github.
See the Editor Sessions Page for instructions and other details.

Openstack Projects Page

While at Cisco for the past couple of years I've been learning about and working with Openstack. My small server farm is in part Openstack based. If you have ever tried to install Openstack by hand, or manage it's various configuration files, you know how difficult it can be. I have recently finished version 0.2 of a tool which makes management and migration to neweer versions a little easier. Take a look. If you're a root level Stacker you may need this tool.
See the Openstack Projects Page for details.

C/C++ Sample

In 2003 I worked on a project called OC-Agent. Details can be found in my resume. OC-Agent was a small and fast piece of code that was downloaded onto Linux machines such that they could be managed from a central point, OC-Host. OC-Agent was written entirely in C++. Part of this project involved writing utility code which I called the Open Country Standard Tiny Library. Download ocstl.zip here.

Object Oriented PHP Sample

As a part of the development of the LinMin Bare Metal Provisioning product (see resume) I developed a set of PHP classes which serve as a wrapper around our product's REST API. We provide this API so that other Cisco products can communicate with LBMP, such as Tidal Orchestrator. Our product is sold along with other software tools by Cisco as part of UCS. A suite of stress and coverage tests is also a part of this package.
Download LBMP-APITester.zip here. The readme file describes the use of the tool as well as class hierarchy and coding examples.

A Little System Administration

For several years I have maintained a small set of websites for myself and friends. There are various other services running on my little server farm as well, such as the popular PLEX Media Server. A file server with 14 terabytes of storage serves as the backbone to the cluster. The web and mail server also runs DNS. I have written several little utilities to hemp me manage the system. Here is a useful little script for generating zone files for the BIND. zonegen2.sh

Embedded Systems, Hardware and Software Demo with Code Sample

Most of my professional work in the arena of embedded systems has been done in Java and appears on the Kindle and DirecTV set top boxes. Some C/C++ on Kindle as well. But for many years I have also built and coded small projects based on the popular PIC microprocessor by Microchip. Here is a running demo PIC Demo Video. Click here for a larger version. Here is the code that the chip is running color.asm
Here is my workbench with sample running PIC LED controllers.

Java "Know it All" Experiments

Click this link to see these code samples. Java Know It All Page.

Another Embedded Systems Project - an AllTerrain Robot

Click to see my Paralax Quad Robot: Kon Tiki.
This is an ongoing hardware / software project.

More Code Samples (Java, PHP and Python) to Follow Soon...

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