SunONE Application Server v8.0 PE

Package com.sun.appserv.server

Interface Summary
LifecycleEventContext LifecycleEventContext interface exposes the server-wide runtime environment that is created by ApplicationServer.
LifecycleListener lifecycle modules implement com.sun.appserv.server.LifecycleListener interface.
ServerLifecycle ServerLifecycle interface: common lifecycle interface for application server and its subsystems.

Class Summary
LifecycleEvent This class defines the types of events that get fired by the application server.
LifecycleEventContextImpl ServerContext interface: the server-wide runtime environment created by ApplicationServer and shared by its subsystems such as the web container or EJB container.
LifecycleListenerImpl LifecycleListenerImpl is a dummy implementation for the LifecycleListener interface.
LifecycleModuleService Support class to assist in firing LifecycleEvent notifications to registered LifecycleListeners.
ServerLifecycleImpl ServerLifecycleImple class a dummmy implementation for ServerLifecycle interface.

Exception Summary
ServerLifecycleException Exception thrown by application server lifecycle modules and subsystems.

SunONE Application Server v8.0 PE

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