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Interface XATopicSession

All Superinterfaces:
java.lang.Runnable, Session, XASession

public interface XATopicSession
extends XASession

An XATopicSession provides a regular TopicSession. which can be used to create TopicSubscriber and TopicPublisher objects (optional).

The XATopicSession interface is optional. JMS providers are not required to support this interface. This interface is for use by JMS providers to support transactional environments. Client programs are strongly encouraged to use the transactional support available in their environment, rather than using these XA interfaces directly.

1.1 February 2, 2002
Mark Hapner, Rich Burridge, Kate Stout
See Also:
XASession, TopicSession

Field Summary
Fields inherited from interface javax.jms.Session
Method Summary
 TopicSession getTopicSession()
          Gets the topic session associated with this XATopicSession.
Methods inherited from interface javax.jms.XASession
commit, getSession, getTransacted, getXAResource, rollback
Methods inherited from interface javax.jms.Session
close, createBrowser, createBrowser, createBytesMessage, createConsumer, createConsumer, createConsumer, createDurableSubscriber, createDurableSubscriber, createMapMessage, createMessage, createObjectMessage, createObjectMessage, createProducer, createQueue, createStreamMessage, createTemporaryQueue, createTemporaryTopic, createTextMessage, createTextMessage, createTopic, getAcknowledgeMode, getMessageListener, recover, run, setMessageListener, unsubscribe

Method Detail


public TopicSession getTopicSession()
                             throws JMSException
Gets the topic session associated with this XATopicSession.

the topic session object
JMSException - if an internal error occurs.

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