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Package javax.mail.internet

Classes specific to Internet mail systems.


Interface Summary
MimePart The MimePart interface models an Entity as defined by MIME (RFC2045, Section 2.4).
SharedInputStream An InputStream that is backed by data that can be shared by multiple readers may implement this interface.

Class Summary
ContentDisposition This class represents a MIME ContentDisposition value.
ContentType This class represents a MIME ContentType value.
HeaderTokenizer This class tokenizes RFC822 and MIME headers into the basic symbols specified by RFC822 and MIME.
HeaderTokenizer.Token The Token class represents tokens returned by the HeaderTokenizer.
InternetAddress This class represents an Internet email address using the syntax of RFC822.
InternetHeaders InternetHeaders is a utility class that manages RFC822 style headers.
MailDateFormat Formats and parses date specification based on the draft-ietf-drums-msg-fmt-08 dated January 26, 2000.
MimeBodyPart This class represents a MIME body part.
MimeMessage This class represents a MIME style email message.
MimeMessage.RecipientType This inner class extends the javax.mail.Message.RecipientType class to add additional RecipientTypes.
MimeMultipart The MimeMultipart class is an implementation of the abstract Multipart class that uses MIME conventions for the multipart data.
MimePartDataSource A utility class that implements a DataSource out of a MimePart.
MimeUtility This is a utility class that provides various MIME related functionality.
NewsAddress This class models an RFC1036 newsgroup address.
ParameterList This class holds MIME parameters (attribute-value pairs).

Exception Summary
AddressException The exception thrown when a wrongly formatted address is encountered.
ParseException The exception thrown due to an error in parsing RFC822 or MIME headers

Package javax.mail.internet Description

Classes specific to Internet mail systems. This package supports features that are specific to Internet mail systems based on the MIME standard (RFC 2045, RFC 2046, and RFC 2047). The IMAP, SMTP, and POP3 protocols use MimeMessages.

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