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Interface DescriptorAccess

All Known Implementing Classes:
ModelMBeanAttributeInfo, ModelMBeanConstructorInfo, ModelMBeanNotificationInfo, ModelMBeanOperationInfo

public interface DescriptorAccess

This interface is used to gain access to descriptors of the Descriptor class which are associated with a JMX component, i.e. MBean, MBeanInfo, MBeanAttributeInfo, MBeanNotificationInfo, MBeanOperationInfo, MBeanParameterInfo.

ModelMBeans make extensive use of this interface in ModelMBeanInfo classes.

Method Summary
 Descriptor getDescriptor()
          Returns a copy of Descriptor.
 void setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
          Sets Descriptor (full replace).

Method Detail


public Descriptor getDescriptor()
Returns a copy of Descriptor.

Descriptor associated with the component implementing this interface. Null should never be returned. At a minimum a default descriptor with the descriptor name and descriptorType should be returned.
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public void setDescriptor(Descriptor inDescriptor)
Sets Descriptor (full replace).

inDescriptor - replaces the Descriptor associated with the component implementing this interface. If the inDescriptor is invalid for the type of Info object it is being set for, an exception is thrown. If the inDescriptor is null, then the Descriptor will revert to its default value which should contain, at a minimum, the descriptor name and descriptorType.
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