SOAP with Attachments API for JavaTM 1.2 Release Notes

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Revised: 09/26/2003


Read This Section First

Before you work with this release, make sure that you have installed the required software and are on a supported operating system. You can find this information in the JavaTM Web Services Developer Pack (Java WSDP) home page and Release Notes and the SAAJ home page.

What This Release Includes

This release is based on the specification for the SOAP with Attachments API for JavaTM (SAAJ) 1.2.

This release includes

This release depends on the following components:

The SAAJ RI release contents are arranged in the following structure within the Java WSDP release:

Directory Name Contents
saaj/docs Release documentation for the SAAJ RI
saaj/lib JAR files used by the SAAJ RI
saaj/webapps WAR files for the sample programs
docs/api SAAJ API documentation

New Features

SAAJ 1.2 has the following new features:

DOM Integration

SAAJ APIs now extend Document Object Model (DOM) APIs, as follows:

DOM is already in use in many environments. Now that SAAJ trees are also DOM trees, SAAJ will integrate more easily with many applications and tools.

SOAPMessage Properties

Some details about the formatting and encoding of a SOAP message can affect interoperability. Giving the end user control over these details, while retaining the same defaults as SAAJ 1.1, allows SAAJ 1.2 to deliver a higher degree of potential interoperability without sacrificing usability or backward compatibility.

With SAAJ 1.2, users can now use fields of the SOAPMessage class to do the following:

New Methods for Ease of Use

The SAAJ 1.2 API provides methods that make it easier for the end user to conform to the recommendations of SOAP 1.1 or WS-I. The new methods automate frequent or error-prone tasks, leading to higher productivity, fewer errors, and lower technical support requirements. In addition, because the average developer may not have extensive knowledge of DOM APIs, the SAAJ API supports common SOAP use cases that involve DOM. Some of these methods are as follows:

Sample Applications

This release contains the following sample applications. You can reach the samples by starting Tomcat and then opening http://localhost:8080/index.html in a browser. Instructions for running the sample applications, along with more detailed descriptions, are in the file samples.html.

Known Issues

At this release, the SAAJ RI has the following known issues: