SOAP with Attachments API for JavaTM 1.2


SAAJ API Overview

The SOAP with Attachments API for JavaTM (SAAJ) 1.2 provides the API for creating and sending SOAP messages by means of the javax.xml.soap package. It is used for the SOAP messaging that goes on behind the scenes in JAX-RPC and JAXR implementations. Developers can also use it to write SOAP messaging applications directly instead of using JAX-RPC.

NOTE: The javax.xml.messaging package, defined in the Java API for XML Messaging (JAXM) 1.1 specification, is not part of the Java Web Services Developer Pack. The JAXM API is available as a separate download from

The SAAJ API allows a client to send messages directly to the ultimate recipient using a SOAPConnection object, which provides a point-to-point connection to the intended recipient. Response messages are received synchronously using a request-response model. SOAPConnection (and its related classes) is a pure library implementation that lets you send SOAP messages directly to a remote party. A standalone client, that is, one that does not run in a container such as a servlet, must include client-side libraries in its CLASSPATH. This model is simple to get started but has limited possibilities for reliability and message delivery guarantees. For instance, the point-to-point message exchange model relies largely on the reliability of the underlying transport for delivering a message.

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